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Set workpiece Origin in Syntec 60W E

The following video demonstrates how to set the workpiece origin in the Syntec 60W-E control system. The demo router is H-1313AC3, more detail can be found at Note the demonstration is for helping the users to understand the operation method and some precision measure steps have been simplified.

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CO2 Laser

laser engraves on acm sheet

Use text fill feature in the RDWorks software, this will engrave the filled area and leave out the text and shapes. The demo machine is a H-1325 flat bed CO2 laser from Note the purpose of the demonstration is to show the capability of the laser and also explore the idea of using ACM

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CO2 Laser

CO2 laser engraves on aluminium composite material (ACM)

A lot of customers asked if CO2 laser can cut or engrave on Aluminium. The short answer is no unless the surface has been treated. The video demonstrates a CO2 laser engraves on ACM panel. ACM panel is laminated aluminium panel with coating on the surface. The CO2 laser can burn through the coating layers

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CNC Router

Auto Tool Change Demonstration

Demonstration Model: H-1313 The workpiece is fixed by the vacuum table. The model features the followings: Control system is Syntec 60W. The servo motors are equipped on all axes in this model. 3KW water cool spindle. 2.2KW dust collector. Linear tool magzine.

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