Heliner Fiber Laser H-3015

We are glad to announce that Our 2022 generation of the #Fiber #laser H-3015 is now released in the market. We can continuously improve the products thanks to our engineering design and manufacturing experiences. The 2022 model has implemented many valuable ideas from our customers, improvements from the previous model, and enhanced safety features for best practice use.

Apart from all the fantastic features from the previous model, such as dynamic focus, pre-assembled laser source, engineer selected components. The 2022 model has also included a dynamic fume extraction system, anti-collision feature, optical material alignment indicator, large industrial operating screen, obstacle detection, safety options of adding safety light guards and enclosure, and many other improvements. Please contact us to find out more and view a demo model in Our Wellington workshop.

Video source: https://youtu.be/HDgHn9qT2Rk

Find out more product details from the following link: https://heliner.com/product/h-1530-fiber-laser-1000w/ 

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