A Single Phase Powered Auto Tool Change 1325 CNC Router

To power up an Auto Tool Change 1325 CNC router including a powerful vacuum pump and dust connector with limited household single phase power is always a challenge. Heliner made it as we embrace and challenge difficulties. We delivered this router to our amazing client in Queenstown.

The router are featured with carefully selected part by our experienced engineers to meet the power requirement but not compromise the performance.

Following photos are kindly provided by our client:

2 thoughts on “A Single Phase Powered Auto Tool Change 1325 CNC Router”

  1. It’s certainly amazing to have all the features of a power full 3 phase machine packed into a single phase! Surprisingly despite its kilowatt rating when everything is running it only draws 15 amps AC (excluding start up loads which can be staggered) and is never slow or sluggish! I’m very grateful that I chose to spend the extra buck to get the automatic tool changer with an 8 tool magazine. It really opens up the possibilities of automation which in my opinion is the whole idea of CNC machining!

    Heliner has also been extremely help full during the quoting, shipping, set up and learning phase of the whole process. This is our first CNC machine and it’s really opened up a whole new avenue of business and creativity for my company “Zone 2” https://www.facebook.com/zone2.nz/

    Thanks Heliner!

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