CNC Router Vacuum Table

How to seal with vacuum on a CNC router vacuum table

The video demonstrates how to seal with a vacuum using the Heliner CNC router vacuum table.

The vacuum table saves significant time fixing the material on a CNC router table. This method applies to flat and ideally air-tight materials such as plysheets, aluminium sheets, ACM sheets, plastic sheets, etc. The material can be vacuumed down through the porous MDF sheet.  Please feel free to leave comments and questions.

One of the must-have features when you choose a CNC router, is to have a vacuum table, especially if you are going to work with large flat sheets. such as working on kitchen cabinets, plastic sheets, signs, and even boat manufacturing using large aluminium sheets.

The demo router is H-1325AC3 Auto Tool Change CNC Router.

Demo control system: Syntec control

H-1325ATC Auto Tool Change CNC Router 1300 x 2500 x 300mm

H-1325AC4 4-axis Auto Tool Change CNC Router 1300x2500x400mm

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