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We manufacture and import quality industrial equipment and products in a competitive and affordable price range. Our popular CNC routers, CO2 lasers and Fiber lasers helped many clients boost their businesses.

h-1325A cNC rOUTER

A Budget Choice for industrial and home use


Automated Features Helps Your Business to The Next Level

High-performance Equipment Made Affordable

Our equipment comes with local engineering support and one year warranty. We also provide tailored on-site installation and training.

Our clients choose Heliner because we can support them with innovative engineering solutions to meet individual needs.

As many of our happy customers would agree, it’s the support and solutions that makes us different from others.

CNC Router

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A lot of customers asked if CO2 laser can cut or engrave on Aluminium. The short answer is no unless the surface has been treated. The video demonstrates a CO2 laser engraves on ACM panel. ACM panel is laminated aluminium panel with coating on the surface. The CO2 laser can burn through the coating layers

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Demonstration Model: H-1313 The workpiece is fixed by the vacuum table. The model features the followings: Control system is Syntec 60W. The servo motors are equipped on all axes in this model. 3KW water cool spindle. 2.2KW dust collector. Linear tool magzine.

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Check out this video for a rotary table doing an amazing job

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To power up an Auto Tool Change 1325 CNC router including a powerful vacuum pump and dust connector with limited household single phase power is always a challenge. Heliner made it as we embrace and challenge difficulties. We delivered this router to our amazing client in Queenstown. The router are featured with carefully selected part

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