Our history

To Do The Best Work, Requires The Best Innovative Industrial Engineering Machines

Heliner has been involved with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Routers, tooling, and Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) / Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software for over 20 years and have been in business since 2010 with clients across New Zealand.

Our Mission 

Our mission at Heliner is to perform as an solutions based innovative industry leader for the research, develop and procurement of both cost-effective and high-quality engineering industrial machines, delivered to client specifications with knowledgeable backup and service.

Knowledge & Service

When you come to Heliner, you’ll receive in-depth knowledge of a large range of engineering machinery and industry trends. We keep our knowledge of the industry up to the minute through regular visits to international machine tool trade shows and visiting key suppliers at their door to gather knowledge and maintain close personal links. As helpful and reasonable people, we’re always pleased to assist with finding solutions for our clients and their challenges, and to provide ongoing after-sales service.

Staff / Culture & Environment

We recognise that our business is what it is due in very large part to the abilities of our outstanding staff. We will continue to maintain a high calibre of staff who not only have knowledge and reliability but provide a company and customer focus as well. We encourage staff development and create a culture that makes Heliner an enjoyable and rewarding place to work and strive to provide a safe and secure working environment for staff and customers. We also ensure we are sensitive to the environment and add positively to our community.


Our aim is to continue our strong growth, and we will achieve this by adapting to survive the challenges of the future. We look to embrace change to both enhance our efficiency and remain competitive. We also recognise the importance of looking for technology advancement opportunities in our industry for new technologies, strengthening our products range, and always offering a highly professional service.

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