Our Promise

We pride ourselves on being market specialist in innovative industrial machine supply

At Heliner, we guarantee that our clients will receive ongoing technical service, support, and training long after the installation of one of our machines. With the ability to support our clients with industrial machines and accessories, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are New Zealand’s quality performing, best serviced, competitively priced industrial engineering machine and accessories supplier specialist.

Find out how we can help you for any industrial machine supply or service queries.

My Personal Promise

In many cases a new CNC, CO2 laser, fiber marker or fiber laser machine will be one of the biggest ticket items you will purchase for your business. I know what it is like to do this, and then having the commitment of making payments for it month after month.

I also know what it’s like to have a machine down and not working -and waiting for someone to show up to fix it or waiting to get the parts from overseas.

So, my promise is that when you buy a new Heliner machine, you will get the service you need. I invite you to contact me if you have any feedback, positive or otherwise.

James – General Manager

M: +64 27 251 0788

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