CNC Router 6090 Demo

Heliner stocks 230V powered 6090 Routers for home and small business to use. It comes with a desktop version and standalone version.

3D Printing Material ABS Vs. PLA

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic is made from oil-based resources and is known for its impact resistance and toughness. Compared to PLA, ABS has a much higher melting temperature. Due to its higher melting point, ABS has to be printed at a higher temperature of around 240 to 260 degrees Celsius at nozzle temperature. Polylactic …

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Post Process turns a 3D part into an Art looking

When crafting with FDM printer, designers sometimes will feel bound by the material. Currently, FDM printer mainly uses thermoplastic as raw material to print stuff and the surface texture is always the same. However, with post process, the printed model can be more colorful and even has a metal texture.

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