Heliner Cobot Vision System

Our engineers can provide you with a complete solution to maximize your production automation with various collaborative robot/cobot models. Whether you need to increase single-point productivity with one cobot or need a few to facilitate your production line, our engineers can deliver customized solutions from design, manufacture, and integration to ongoing maintenance.

Set workpiece Origin in Syntec 60W E

The following video demonstrates how to set the workpiece origin in the Syntec 60W-E control system. The demo router is H-1313AC3, more detail can be found at http://www.heliner.com Note the demonstration is for helping the users to understand the operation method and some precision measure steps have been simplified.

Auto Tool Change Demonstration

Demonstration Model: H-1313 The workpiece is fixed by the vacuum table. The model features the followings: Control system is Syntec 60W. The servo motors are equipped on all axes in this model. 3KW water cool spindle. 2.2KW dust collector. Linear tool magzine.

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