Heliner Fiber Laser H-3015

We are glad to announce that Our 2022 generation of the #Fiber #laser H-3015 is now released in the market. We can continuously improve the products thanks to our engineering design and manufacturing experiences. The 2022 model has implemented many valuable ideas from our customers, improvements from the previous model, and enhanced safety features for best practice use. …

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Heliner Cobot Vision System

Our engineers can provide you with a complete solution to maximize your production automation with various collaborative robot/cobot models. Whether you need to increase single-point productivity with one cobot or need a few to facilitate your production line, our engineers can deliver customized solutions from design, manufacture, and integration to ongoing maintenance.

Set workpiece Origin in Syntec 60W E

The following video demonstrates how to set the workpiece origin in the Syntec 60W-E control system. The demo router is H-1313AC3, more detail can be found at http://www.heliner.com Note the demonstration is for helping the users to understand the operation method and some precision measure steps have been simplified.

Fold acm panel to a box

Do you know ACM panel can fold into a box with the router to V groove the folding lines, and cutting the profiles? If your project needs to fold a box quickly without spending too much, give a try on this method. Demo router: H-1313AC3 https://youtu.be/6APUQNpSXVM

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