H-1325EOT Auto Tool Change CNC Router with Electric Oscillating Knife 1300 x 2500 x 300mm

Integrating an oscillating knife on a CNC router offers more opportunities to cut flexible and less rigid materials such as rubber, vinyl, foam, leather, fabric, carpet, cardboard, etc.

  • Popular model.
  • Heavy-duty Powerful Auto tool Change CNC Router.

1300*2500*300mm working area

Heavy-duty welded steel frame

Auto Tool change with linear tool magazine

Best quality Oscillating Knife

Powerful 9.0kw air cooling spindle takes ISO30 holder with ER32 collet.

Servo Motors for all axes.

Syntec Control System

Vacuum worktable – 6 channels

Maximum speed – 24000RPM

3kw Dual bags dust extraction system

7.5kw air-cooled vacuum pump

Precision Tool calibration sensor

Auto Lubrication System for all the moving parts.

Working voltage: 415VAC, 3 Phase

Weight: 1500kg



Furniture, Light Duty Metal Cut and Engrave, Mold, Packaging, Signage, Woodwork

Gantry Height



Aluminum, Plastic, Rubber, Wood

Power Requirement

4150VAC 3-Phase

Working Size


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