Digital Knife Cutting Machine H-1625

H-1625 Digital Knife Cutting Machine is an easy-operating machine designed to cut fabric, plastic sheets, and rubber sheets fast and accurately. The specially designed vacuum table holds the material well. The table can also be configured for auto-feeding when required. Multiple knives can be installed on the machine to fit different applications.   In addition, safety is never compromised at Heliner. A lot of safety accessories are available for you to select.

Want to combine a CNC router spindle with a digital knife cutter in one CNC machine?

Have a look at this model: H-1325EOT CNC Router with an Electic Oscillating Knife


H-1625 Digital Knife Cutting Machine Specification (Default)

Working Area X 1600mm x Y2500 (size customizable)
Table Felt working table suit for both soft and hard materials
Vacuum 5.5kw
Knife Oscillating Knife  (different types of knives can be chosen)
Control System RDControl
Motor and Driver Servo motor and driver (customizable)
Software Nesting feature included
Repeat accuracy ±0.1mm
Speed Max cutting speed 60m/min
Safety Multiple Emergency Stops

Safety Light Curtain (optional)

Power 415V, 3-Phase 
Weight 1000kg
Warranty 12 months
Applicable Material PE, PP, PUR, PVC.

Aluminium and copper foil.

Elastane, spandex, spacer fabrics.

Polystyrene, polyurethane, polypropylene.

Felt, synthetics, carbon, paper.

Graphite, rubber, silicone, cork.Cotton, polyester, velour, net, towelling materials, spacer- or micro fabrics.

Reinforced nylon fabrics.Silk, polyester, polyamides.

Coated polyester, cotton.Non-woven cotton or synthetics.


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