H-1325G 3-Axis Wood Machining Centre

  • Designed for big dimensions, 600mm gantry height.
  • Ergonomically loading
  • Powerful and rigid


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H-1325G is an economical model of the 3-Axis Wood Machining Centre that designed for manufacturing 3D wooden and foam moulding tools and big dimensional shapes. 

  • 1300*2500*600mm working area
  • Heavy-duty welded steel frame
  • 6kw air cooling spindle, ER32 collet.
  • Hybrid Servo Motors for all axes.

Mold, Woodwork

Gantry Height

500mm and above


Foam, Wood

No. of Axes


Power Requirement

230VAC Single Phase, 4150VAC 3-Phase

Working Size

1200x2500mm, 2000mm above

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