H-1325AD Wood Furniture Nesting CNC Router

  • Fully automated panel loading
  • Powerful cutting and engraving
  • Dedicated drilling head



The H-1325AD Wood Furniture Nesting CNC Router provides a fully automated panel cutting and drilling. Load a stack of 1200×2400 panels on the hydraulic lifting table. The vacuum suction cups pick a sheet from the lifting table, takes it to the central working table for cutting and drilling. Once the job is completed, the finished works are pushed on the belt convey for collection.

The fully enclosed gantry keeps the dust inside and extracted to the dust collector for health and safety.
The 9kw spindle is powerful for continuous industrial use. The boring unit allows user to pick up to nine standard drills.

  • 1300*2500*300mm working area
  • Heavy-duty welded steel frame
  • Auto tool change with carousel tool magazine
  • Powerful 9.0kw air cooling spindle takes ISO30 holder with ER32 collet.
  • Nine positions drilling head
  • Servo Motors for all axes.
  • Syntec Control System
  • Hydraulic lifting table automatically feeds a sheet each time
  • Optical sensing and laser sensing for positioning the sheet
  • Vacuum suction cups for carrying the sheet to work table with loading wheels assistance
  • Pneumatic pop-ups and linear bar for job alignment
  • Belt conveyor for removing material after the job is completed.

Furniture, Module House, Packaging, Signage, Woodwork

Gantry Height



Foam, Plastic, Wood

No. of Axes


Power Requirement

4150VAC 3-Phase

Working Size


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