H-2030 5-Axis Machining Centre

  • 5-axis control with RTCP function
  • 15kw spindle
  • Ball screw driving


H-2030 is an premium model of the 5-Axis Machining Centre that designed for manufacturing complex shapes, foam moulding tools and big dimensional parts.

  • 5-axis control with RTVP (Rotation Tool Centre Point) function
  • 2000*3000*1200mm working area
  • Bi-rotational spindle. 360deg free horizontal rotation. +/-120deg vertical swing.
  • 15kw liquid cooling spindle, HSK63F collet.
  • Max speed 2400RPM
  • Accuracy 0.1mm/1000mm
  • Ball screws driving system
  • Heavy-duty welded steel frame
  • Built-in anti-vibration control mechanism for  repaid travel.
  • Servo Motors for all axes.
  • Syntec control system
  • Auto tool change
  • Steel Alloy working table

Gantry Height

500mm and above


Aluminum, Foam, Wood

No. of Axes


Power Requirement

4150VAC 3-Phase

Working Size

2000mm above

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