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We manufacture and import quality industrial equipment and products in a competitive and affordable price range. Our popular CNC routers, CO2 lasers and Fiber lasers helped many clients boost their businesses.

h-1325A cNC rOUTER

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Automated Features Helps Your Business to The Next Level

High-performance Equipment Made Affordable

Our equipment comes with local engineering support and one year warranty. We also provide tailored on-site installation and training.

Our clients choose Heliner because we can support them with innovative engineering solutions to meet individual needs.

As many of our happy customers would agree, it’s the support and solutions that makes us different from others.

CNC Router

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A 50mm face mill cutter is used to quickly remove material on a 6 meters length beam. The beam was cut in 3 program, and each program cuts 2 meters. The open ends router is perfact for feeding the long beam through.

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The video demostrates 2D adpative cutting method, drilling with chip breaking, and 2D contour in rough cut and final cut with a 6mm end mill cutter. Please feel free to contact Heliner for any inquiries.

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All our CNC routers use NK105G2 Control System that is reliable and simple to use. It comes with a handheld pulse controller that is handy for loading file, speed and axis control, tool offset, feed rate, etc. The control panel layout is shown below: A NK105 Operation Manual can be found in the link below: N105

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SHINING 3D is excited to announce the official launch of EaScan II, the latest light metrology 3D scanner that meets almost all of 3D measurement and inspection’s requirements at a very appealing price. Easy-to-use and stable Equipped with 3 sets of scan ranges and lightweight design, EaScan II stands out when scanning heavy and large

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Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic is made from oil-based resources and is known for its impact resistance and toughness. Compared to PLA, ABS has a much higher melting temperature. Due to its higher melting point, ABS has to be printed at a higher temperature of around 240 to 260 degrees Celsius at nozzle temperature. Polylactic

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When crafting with FDM printer, designers sometimes will feel bound by the material. Currently, FDM printer mainly uses thermoplastic as raw material to print stuff and the surface texture is always the same. However, with post process, the printed model can be more colorful and even has a metal texture.

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