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We manufacture and import quality industrial equipment and products in a competitive and affordable price range. Our popular CNC routers, CO2 lasers and Fiber lasers helped many clients boost their businesses.

h-1325A cNC rOUTER

A Budget Choice for industrial and home use


Automated Features Helps Your Business to The Next Level

High-performance Equipment Made Affordable

Our equipment comes with local engineering support and one year warranty. We also provide tailored on-site installation and training.

Our clients choose Heliner because we can support them with innovative engineering solutions to meet individual needs.

As many of our happy customers would agree, it’s the support and solutions that makes us different from others.

CNC Router

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We recently delivered and installed a large 2×4 meters 4-Axis CNC router to our valuable client in Napier. The router is designed for heavy duty wood and plastic cutting, and it can also cut aluminium in a light feed rate. The gantry is supported by dual-rail system and Z travel is assisted by two Pneumatic

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The stock was fixed by the vacuum table. The dust cover was lifted up for video taken purpose. All the tools was pre-set to correct height, so the tool can be quickly swapped without reset Z height. The video shows following tools had been changed to finish out the job: 8mm end mill 9.5mm ball

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H-M1325 ISO Holder Spindle Load/Unload Demo H-M1325 CNC router has an auto tool change spindle that takes ISO30 tool holder. ISO30 tool holder takes ER32 collet. The default configuration of H-M1325 router dose not have auto tool change control program, so it still require to load/upload a tool by pressing a button.  However, the machine

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