About Us (old)


Our mission is to provide electro-mechanical engineering development consultancy and offer manufacturing solutions to the local businesses, assit your business to go the extra mile and become a recognized business in the local engineering industries.

This means we continue to provide following core services to our clients:

  • Keep expanding our sales on machinery and other engineering equipment used by small to medium size workshops.
  • Continue to offer electro-mechanical engineering development consultancy
  • Assist local businesses to source suppliers offshore.


In 2017, Heliner started offering technical design and consultant work to assist local manufacturers. Also, became a reseller of Shining 3D in Australia and New Zeland, and selling customized CNC routers with a workshop opened in Lower Hutt. Our workshop offers wood, plastic, and soft metal design and manufacturing.

In 2016, Heliner reviewed and redeveloped its strategy and created a new vision of becoming a more sustainable business. Starting by re-aligning products and services development with Heliner’s competitive strength of innovative engineering & marketing relationship to produce high quality engineering solutions and continue to obtain dealership of quality industrial equipment and products.

In 2014, Heliner started to export products to China, and had successfully built long-term relationships with hundreds of retailers there on selling health products, food, home and living goods.

In 2009, Heliner was founded in Wellington. Only few years into business, Heliner formed its customer base of over 4000+ customers, and was selling 150+ products via its online trading business.

Looking to the future, Heliner continues to seek out business development opportunities within the engineering consultancy and continue offering the large range of engineering equipment.