Client challenges

  1. A lot of our clients focus on recreational jobs rather than mass production. The standard machines in the market do not fit all-purpose.
  2. Our clients have limited suppliers to choose from, and those suppliers often put up a considerable margin due to low demand and high operational cost.
  3. Our clients have concerns about sending money to offshore companies without any legal protection. The damaged goods often do not get insured due to a lack of packaging standards. Our clients do not usually get local support when they purchase overseas.

Our Mission

We want to bridge these gaps and provide high-performance equipment to your businesses at an affordable price, assist your business to subsequent success. 

We will continue to provide the following core services to our clients while innovating and exploring the opportunity.

  • Keep expanding our sales on machinery and other engineering equipment used by small to medium size workshops.
  • Continue to offer electro-mechanical engineering development consultancy
  • Assist local businesses in source suppliers offshore.

Why choose Heliner?

At Heliner, we manufacture and import quality industrial equipment and products in a competitive and affordable price range. Come to our workshop and see the machines in action and chat with our highly experienced engineer team. 
Our equipment comes with local engineering support and one year guarantee. We also offer tailored on-site installation and training sessions. 
We support our clients with innovative engineering solutions to meet their individual needs. 
As many of our happy customers would agree, it’s the support and solutions that make the most significant difference, and that’s why they choose Heliner.
We look forward to working with you.
James Zhang