CNC Router Auto Tool Change H-M1325AC3 – 1300mm x 2500mm

Heavy Duty CNC Router Auto Tool Change – 1300mm x 2500mm

Standard Specifications:

  1. Working area 1300mm*2500mm*300mm
  2. 3-axis, X, Y and Z
  3. 9.0Kw auto tool change air cool spindle, ISO ER32
  4. 8 tool magazines
  5. 11kw inverter
  6. Easy Servo motor and driver
  7. NK105G3 Control System
  8. Vacuum (6 independent channels) + T slot suction worktable
  9. X, Y axis rack and pinion transmission
  10. Z axis ball screw
  11. Max spindle speed 24000mm/min
  12. Max feed rate 35m/min
  13. Power Supply: 415VAC, 3-Phase
  14. Command G code (format HPGL, U00, mmg, plt)
  15. Repeat accuracy ±0.025mm
  16. Handheld controller
8 Tool Magazines at end of the table

Upgrade Options:

  1. 9kw 4-axis Auto Tool Change HSD Italian Spindle

Note: the final appearance may be different from the above image due to different configuration.

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