CNC Router 6090 – 600mm x 900mm

Desktop CNC Router 6090 – 600mm x 900mm


  1. 600*900*140mm working area
  2. 1.5kw air cooling spindle
  3. 2.2kw inverter
  4. T slot working table
  5. Stepper motor 450B
  6. 2608 driver
  7. Mach3 control system
  8. Linear guide
  9. Ball screw for X,Y,Z axis
  10. Water Flume
  11. Water mist cooling sprayer
  12. Artcam software
  13. Manual tool sensor calibration
  14. Maximum speed 18000mm/min
  15. Accuracy 0.5mm
  16. Working voltage: 220-240VAC, 1ph, 50hz


  1. Air cooling spindle upgrade to 2.2KW or 3.5KW
  2. 500W Servo motor upgrade
  3. 3.5kw Dust collector
  4. Default colour industrial light grey, different colour can be requested

Note: the final appearance may be different from the above image due to different configuration.

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