CNC Router 1212H – 1200mm x 1200mm

1212 helical rack gears cnc router.jpg

Heavy Duty CNC Router 1212H – 1200mm x 1200mm

Standard Specifications:

  1. 1200*1200*200mm working area
  2. 5kw air cooling spindle
  3. 3.7kw inverter
  4. T slot working table
  5. FL118 stepper motor
  6. Mach3 control system with wireless handwheel
  7. ABBA linear guide
  8. Helical rack gears for X,Y axis
  9. TBI ball screw for Z axis
  10. Water Mist cooling sprayer
  11. Artcam software
  12. Tool sensor calibration
  13. Maximum speed 18000mm/min
  14. Accuracy 0.5mm
  15. Working voltage 220-240VAC, 1ph, 50hz

Upgrade Options:

  1. 750W Servo motor upgrade
  2. 3.5kw Dust collector
  3. Default colour industrial light grey, different colour can be requested

Note: the final appearance may be different from the above image due to different configuration.

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