50mm Face Mill Demo

A 50mm face mill cutter is used to quickly remove material on a 6 meters length beam. The beam was cut in 3 program, and each program cuts 2 meters. The open ends router is perfact for feeding the long beam through.

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CNC Router 1325A Demo

The video demostrates 2D adpative cutting method, drilling with chip breaking, and 2D contour in rough cut and final cut with a 6mm end mill cutter. Please feel free to contact Heliner for any inquiries.

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CNC Router NK105 Control System

All our CNC routers use NK105G2 Control System that is reliable and simple to use. It comes with a handheld pulse controller that is handy for loading file, speed and axis control, tool offset, feed rate, etc. The control panel layout is shown below: A NK105 Operation Manual can be found in the link below: N105 […]

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