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We Take Great Pride Being New Zealand’s Trusted Innovative Solutions-Based Specialist Of Industrial Engineering Machines

Heliner has been involved with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Routers, tooling, and Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) / Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software for over 20 years and have been in business since 2010 with clients across New Zealand and Australia. We continue to provide technical service support to over 100 machines supplied, and extensive consultancy is provided to assist the decision-making process for purchasers of new to CNC Router, CO2 Laser, Fiber Marker, and Fiber Laser machine technology.

At Heliner, we are a high performing team with a core focus on solutions-based specialist supply of industrial machines enabling engineering innovation for industries both in New Zealand and Australia. We pride ourselves on being market leaders in the specialist supply of CNC Router, CO2 Laser, and Fiber machine supply, and after-sale services. We are equipped with the most advanced and up to date industrial machines technology that can support your manufacture to a wide variety of products that exceed your requirements. Also, our highly trained and experienced CNC programmers will be able to select the right machine to meet your needs.

No job too big or small – our team can help to supply you the right industrial engineering machine to support your manufacture of small prototype volumes right through to large manufacturing orders. We help our clients with industrial machine solutions to help them export products around the world so if you just want a no pressure chat about your present or future industrial machine requirements, or if you want competitive quotes for any of our market leading CNC routers, CO2 lasers, Fiber markers, Fiber lasers, and other industrial equipment and accessories or other specialist machines.

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