3D Modeling Solution


We are a reseller of Shinning 3D printers in New Zealand and Australia. We also offer professional support on 3D modeling and printing.


We can lend you A FREE PRINTER for 2 weeks trial.

We offer FREE CUSTOMER SUPPORT for model selection and troubleshooting.

We supply SPARE PARTS for replacement and excellent QUALITY CONSUMABLE FILAMENT.

We offer a ONE HOUR ON-SITE INSTALLATION AND STARTUP TRAINING PACKAGE with minimum additional charge for customers in Wellington (Most customers go with this option). Our trainers are qualified Engineers worked in the 3D digitizing industry for over 10 years. Contact Heliner now for a quote.

We can MODEL UP YOUR IDEAS for 3D printing at under the current market price.

We offer ADVANCED 3D MODEL PRINTING SERVICES with some of the worlds best commercial 3D printers in FDM, SLS, SLA and SLM technologies. Contact Heliner now for a quote.

We offer FREE 2 HOURS 3D MODEL DESIGN AND PRINT EDUCATIONAL TRAINING for schools. Contact Heliner to schedule a time.


3D Printer Einstart-C (Desktop Model)

The Einstart-C released in Nov 2017 with intuitive interface and software, fully enclosed working area, auto-leveling platform and competitive price.

Enhanced PLA Filament

Similar to ABS but environment friendly, and available in multiple colours